Simply the Finest Organic Black Rice

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Simply Perfect Powder:

  • Uses only Certified Organic Black Rice to produce the highest quality Sprouted Black Rice Powder. Black rice is sometimes referred to as purple rice or forbidden rice. Ours is pure.¬†
  • Works with co-op farmers in Thailand, because we care about the quality of both the product and the process.
  • Sprouts high quality organic black rice from the Chiang Rai Region of Thailand. The altitude, 1,640 feet above sea level, and the hot daytime and cooler night time temperatures allows the black rice to produce higher levels of antioxidants. The key is that this environment forces the plant to struggle, and as plants struggle, they produce higher levels of antioxidants (1). Simply Perfect Powder only uses rice from the Chiang Rai Region, because it is of the highest quality.
  • Utilizes a GMP certified facility. Each batch is then tested to ensure that we are delivering the¬†highest quality product to our customers.

The Story - Purple Rice or Forbidden Rice 

    In Thailand, Black Rice is also referred to as purple rice or forbidden rice. Black rice has a dark purple color because of the rich antioxidant content and it was called forbidden rice by the ancient Chinese. It is difficult to grow, the culture knew it had tremendous health benefits and it was even used in medicine, so black rice was reserved for the upper class. The lower classes were forbidden to eat it (2). Simply Perfect Powder now brings you the health benefits in an easy to consume powder.  It is available to everyone!
    Check out our Health Benefits Page for more information.